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Launching Katkin Krafts' Magical Christmas Stamps Collection: Craft Your Festive Tale

We're excited to announce the launch of our brand-new, hand-drawn Christmas Stamps collection, by Natacha Chohra, exclusively for Katkin Krafts!

Crafters, gather around; it's time to explore the magical stories waiting to be told with our four distinct stamp sets, each one designed to bring a unique touch to your Christmas crafts

Our Christmas Stamps collection includes:

"Wild & Free": Step into a whimsical scene where a dainty fairy, riding a noble fox, journeys with a basket of curious treasures and a cheeky biscuit-munching mouse. This set comes with additional stamps, including extra mice, branches, and an old-fashioned lamp, letting you build your fairy tale.

"Winter Owl": Designed by the talented Natacha Chohra, this stamp set brings the charm of winter to life with a scarf-wrapped owl perched on a tree stump. Enhance your creations with additional stamps of warm gloved hands holding a steaming drink, and natural elements like branches and pine cones.

"Antlers": Another magnificent creation by Natacha Chohra, this set stars a majestic deer whose fantastic antlers are being decorated by three festive mice. Additional baubles and mice stamps help you craft a heartwarming festive scene.

"Yuletide Greetings": Capture the serenity of the season with a tranquil girl warming her hands, and a regal deer adorned with bells and stars. Accompanying robins, bells, and holly stamps add a classic Christmas feel to your crafts.

To celebrate this launch, we are thrilled to share that the remarkable Lou Sims will be demonstrating these new stamps live on Create and Craft. Tune in at 3 pm and 7 pm on Sunday, 30th July, to witness the magic of these stamp sets unfold. Lou's crafting expertise and creative flair are sure to inspire you with innovative ideas for using the stamps to bring your Christmas crafts to life.

Mark your calendars, and don't miss this wonderful opportunity to kickstart your Christmas crafting season with Katkin Krafts' latest hand-drawn Christmas Stamps. Let's bring the festive magic to life, one stamp at a time!

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