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Meredith Dillman

Meredith Dillman is an artist and illustrator from Wisconsin (USA). She is known for her colourful watercolours which blend the flowing lines of Art Nouveau, with fantasy, myth and folklore. Fairies, foxes, and nature spirits inhabit the dreamy world of her paintings. She loves anything with flowing and intricate lines and is inspired by Pre-Raphaelite artists, Japanese art (both manga and traditional) and 19th century European book illustrations. Meredith’s artwork is made with attention to detail; some made with pen and ink, and some followed by many transparent layers of watercolour.

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Steve Turner

My name is Steve a.k.a Squidoodle. I live by the sea in Deal, UK, in an old fisherman’s cottage and I’ve been drawing ever since I could walk, which carried on through school, art college and then university. I spent 20 years as a graphic designer and only really took up illustration seriously about 10 years ago. My style is all doodling - it’s all about filling the space - I’m not one for minimalist work, props to those who are, I just don’t really know when to stop. I guess you could call it “doodling” in the sense that there are many components to the pieces I create. A common theme amongst my work is a juxtaposition between nature and man made.

Laura Zollar

Laura Zollar's art is like a restless sea of imagery which delights in the wild, the mystical and the inspirational. All of her creations, to some degree, are an autobiographical blend of subjective reality experienced through her emotional, dream-like works of visionary art.

Expectation, grief, joy, regret, transformation, anger, love, loss, personal power, strength, healing, all of the emotions that make up the ebb and flow of life, are revealed in her paintings and drawings, telling a story in visual poetry.

Laura Zollar is from the USA, where she received her degree in Fine Art. She has exhibited in numerous venues over many years and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Katkin Krafts

Katkin Krafts originals is a collaboration between Cathie Shuttleworth and Mel Dickson, the successful duo behind Pink Ink Designs. Whilst Cathie ultimately holds the pencil, the designs are born from both creative minds. Their decorative style incorporates pattern building with an element of doodling influenced by nature and Cathie’s 25 years' experience of book illustration. They have many years experience in bringing fabulous high quality stamps for crafts so others can enjoy creating amazing projects.

Natacha Chohra

Natacha is a French artist who specialises in depicting the ethereal and the whimsical. From a very young age Natacha has always had a vivid imagination, using daydream as antidote to the mundanity of daily life. ​Inspired by nature, books and the arts in all their forms, her work is an exploration of the space which exists between the seen and the unseen. Her art is dreamlike and colourful: she uses it to tell stories and also as a form of escapism. She works predominantly in watercolour as she enjoys the unpredictability of the medium and the ‘happy accidents’ which it can create. ​Natacha lives in the UK countryside with her partner Andy, their two young children and her studio companion, Sybil the cat.

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Shana Majumdar

My name is Sudarshana, Shana for short. I am a self-taught Indian artist who loves to create black and white ink drawings. I have developed a style that is a unique blend of Indian and Zen Art. 

I am a very positive person and a deep thinker. I draw to inspire people with MS(Multiple Sclerosis) who can also start their journey with fine lines and find a purpose.

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