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Katkin Krafts - A5 Stamp Set Wisdom Owl


Dive into the heart of winter with our hand-drawn "Winter Owl" Stamps set, meticulously designed by the talented Natacha Chohra for Katkin Krafts. The main stamp features a magnificent owl, proud and wise, with a cozy scarf wrapped around its neck as it perches on a rugged tree stump, ready to charm any viewer.

The set also includes a selection of smaller, detailed craft stamps to help you create your unique wintry scene. Highlight the warmth of the season with the stamp of gloved hands lovingly cupping a mug of steaming drink, signifying comfort amidst the cold.

Other accompanying stamps such as delicate branches and pine cones further enhance the festive feel. Let your creativity soar with our "Winter Owl" craft stamp set, making your holiday craft projects truly special and unique. Perfect for personalized Christmas cards, holiday decorations, or DIY winter craft ventures with Katkin Krafts Stamps!


Artist: Natacha Chohra


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