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Katkin Krafts - A5 Stamp Set Pumpkin


Laura Zollar brings her signature artistry to Katkin Krafts with the 'Pumpkin' craft stamp set. At the center of this set is a gorgeously detailed pumpkin, surrounded by an enchanting arrangement of leaves, dots, and circles. The swirls lend a dreamy vibe to the pumpkin, giving it a uniquely decorative touch.

Additional elements like swirls and leaves allow you to extend the image, offering a sense of continuity and providing the freedom to create individual pieces of art. With every stamp, you'll find your card making ideas materializing into distinct, personal creations. Get inspired, get crafting, and let your imagination run wild with the 'Pumpkin' craft stamp set. Ignite your card making inspiration today with Katkin Krafts!


Artist: Laura Zollar


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