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Katkin Krafts - A5 Stamp Set Poppy Power


Katkin Krafts proudly unveils the "Poppy Power" stamp set, a resplendent tribute to the timeless beauty of the poppy flower, expertly designed by Sudarshana Majumdar. This set is a celebration of nature's elegance, featuring a series of poppy motifs that are both bold and serene, perfect for a variety of crafting projects.

"Poppy Power" presents a versatile array of stamps that allow you to layer and create lush scenes or simple, elegant accents. With its full blooms, delicate buds, and intricate seed pods, this collection brings the serene beauty of the poppy field to your crafting table. The accompanying elements such as floating petals and graceful leaves round out the set, giving you the tools to design a serene floral landscape on paper.


Artist: Sudarshana Majumdar


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