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Katkin Krafts - A5 Stamp Set Pine Cone


Elevate your creative endeavors with the captivating Meredith Dillman Pine Cone Stamp Set. Hand-drawn by the talented artist herself, this set features a whimsical pixie as its centerpiece. This enchanting pixie carries a staff adorned with a delicate pine cone, wears a crown of pine needles, and boasts ornate wings that resemble an elegant cloak. Additionally, a separate wing is included, allowing you to layer and personalize your pixie's appearance as you see fit.

Beyond the pixie, this stamp set offers a treasure trove of artistic possibilities. You'll find charming pine cone stamps, an endearing mouse illustration, and an array of stamps to add depth and dimension to your creations. The Meredith Dillman Pixie Stamp Set is your gateway to infuse your projects with whimsy, imagination, and a hint of fairy-tale magic. Unleash your creativity and watch your art spring to life like never before.


Artist: Meredith Dillman


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