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Katkin Krafts - A5 Stamp Set Albert and Stanley


Embark on a creative journey with the charming 'Albert and Stanley' stamp set from Katkin Krafts. This delightful collection is perfect for crafters who wish to infuse a touch of whimsy and adventure into their projects. Celebrate new beginnings and the joy of travel with this beautifully designed set.

At the heart of the set is a quaint illustration of 'Albert', an elderly figure jubilantly riding atop 'Stanley', a snail with a whimsically detailed shell resembling a cozy house. It epitomizes the saying "To travel is to live," also elegantly scripted within the set.

Accompanying the central image are a variety of travel and nature-themed stamps, including delicate butterflies, fern leaves, a classic lantern, pansy flowers, and celestial bodies like a radiant sun and clouds. These elements allow for versatile use across a range of designs.

The set also comes with a heartfelt message, "Good luck in your new home," making it an ideal choice for creating personalized cards and gifts for friends and family embarking on a new life adventure.


Artist: Natacha Chohra


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