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Katkin Krafts - 7"x7" Stencil Ocean Textures


Dive into a sea of creativity with the Ocean Textures Stencil from Katkin Krafts, designed by Dora Shrive. This 7-inch by 7-inch stencil is a treasure trove of maritime motifs, beckoning you to infuse your craft projects with the rhythmic patterns of the ocean's depths.

The stencil features an assortment of flowing forms and organic shapes that mimic the undulating movement of seaweed and the enchanting structures of marine life. The varied bubble designs interspersed with the dynamic seaweed patterns create a tapestry of the ocean's complex textures, bringing a bold and fluid aesthetic to any surface.

Perfect for background work on cards, adding an element of sophistication to home decor, or creating distinctive focal points in mixed media art, the versatility of this stencil will appeal to artists and crafters who desire to capture the serenity and power of the sea.


Artist: Dora Shrive


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