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Katkin Krafts - 7"x7" Stencil Square Abstraction


The "Square Abstraction" stencil is a captivating 7" x 7" design by Dora Shrive, that brings a modern and dynamic edge to the art of stencilling. This stencil is a testament to contemporary design, featuring an array of squares and rectangles that twist and turn in a mesmerising pattern reminiscent of the bustling streets of a modern metropolis.

The "Square Abstraction" stencil is a versatile tool, designed to inspire and add a touch of avant-garde to your projects. It is perfect for a wide range of applications, from creating bold backgrounds to adding texture and depth to mixed media art. The geometric intricacies of this stencil will add a sophisticated dimension to your work, making it stand out.


Artist: Dora Shrive


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