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Katkin Krafts - 7"x7" Stencil Inky Puddles


Embrace the fluidity of artistic expression with the Inky Puddles Stencil, crafted by the creative Dora Shrive for Katkin Krafts. This 7-inch by 7-inch stencil encapsulates the spontaneous splatter of ink drops, offering a bold and dynamic texture for your creative projects.

Each splotch and splatter within this stencil has been carefully arranged to provide a lively and organic pattern that can create backgrounds with depth and energy or add an abstract element to your work. It's perfect for those seeking to introduce an element of the unexpected into their designs.

Suitable for an array of creative endeavours, including paper crafting, mixed media art, or home décor, this stencil is a versatile addition to your artistic toolkit. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned crafter, the Inky Puddles Stencil from Katkin Krafts will help to unleash your creativity and bring a contemporary flair to your projects.


Artist: Dora Shrive


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