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Katkin Krafts - 7"x7" Stencil Kaleidoscope


Introducing the "Kaleidoscope" stencil from Katkin Krafts, a marvel of geometric design crafted to lend a sophisticated twist to your creative projects. This 7" x 7" stencil, envisioned by Dora Shrive, offers a splendid array of interlocking diamond shapes that cascade in a circular fashion, reminiscent of the intricate patterns seen through a kaleidoscope.

The beauty of the "Kaleidoscope" stencil lies in its versatility. It works harmoniously with a range of mediums, from inks and paints to chalks and pastes. The clean, crisp lines it produces can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, ensuring that every application is as flawless as it is striking.


Artist: Dora Shrive


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